Brilliant Stories feat. MOUSTAFA from Housekeeping Dept.

Brilliant Stories_Moustafa

Our guest Mr. Alaa who is staying with his family in 2506 decided to stay in Dubai for Ramadan, and he mentioned that to Mustafa while they were having a discussion about the Holy month. So, Mustafa provided the guest with few dates along with small bottles of water. He then offered the guest to show him the prayer rooms which are on the 6th floor of the hotel.

He provided him the directions to the mosque closest to the hotel, situated on the Marina Walk and explained to him about the offers that we have for Iftar in The Observatory Restaurant so they could enjoy the Sunset Specials set menu with special prices. He further informed the guest that he could order from Room Service as well since we have special Iftar and Suhoor Menu with extensive traditional Arabic options.

The guest was extremely delighted and thankful for the information provided by Mustafa and he even invited him to have Iftar with them on that day itself.


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