Brilliant Stories featuring Hari Kumar from Housekeeping

Brilliant Stories_Hari Kumar

Mr. Thompson is our long staying guest who is staying in one of our rooms. Our Housekeeping Host, Hari Kumar while attending their room on Tuesday noticed that there was a bit of a water leakage from the ceiling due to the hot weather outside forming moisture condensation near the air-conditioning vents.

He immediately placed a call to the Engineering department, informed them about the leakage and that it is a high priority job. Now, while the engineer was fixing the leakage, Mr. Thompson had arrived and noticing the work being done to fix the issue, appreciated Hari Kumar for his presence of mind.

The next day, when he was cleaning the same room again, he noticed that the water leakage had started again. He immediately notified Engineering and then his supervisors regarding the severity on the situation and that it needed a more permanent solution. So, our engineers worked on the problem and fixed it permanently.

Now, the guest, on witnessing the whole situation was very impressed with Hari Kumar’s timely initiative, thanked him and said that this exactly was the reason why they don’t even think of staying in any hotel other than the Marriott Harbour whenever they are in Dubai.


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