Brilliant Stories Feat. Jinu from In-Room Dining


On Tuesday, in room 3201. In-Room Dining Host Jinu had been to deliver a food order order for Mr. K. The guest informed him that the Champagne that he had placed inside the refrigerator last night, had unfortunately had shattered inside freezer. He asked Jinu if someone from the Housekeeping department would be able to come quickly and clean up the spilt beverage in the kitchen.

Now, Jinu was fully aware about that day being part of the week long celebrations for the Housekeeping Appreciation Week. So, Jinu thought to himself that instead of asking one of the housekeeping associates to clean up the spill he took the initiative to go that Extra Mile for his peers and mopped it up himself.

His presence of mind proved to be valuable not only for his Housekeeping colleagues who could enjoy their much deserved Appreciation Week which is an annual ritual; but also for the guest, whose kitchen was cleaned immediately.


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