5 Things You Should Know About Diwali


The Hindu Festival of Lights descends upon us again, this November 11. This is the time of the year where our Hindu friends celebrate the destruction of evil and triumph of goodness!

Before you head on over to a friend’s place to sample delicious food, and celebrate with them, check out the symbolic meanings behind the festivities:

  1. Light of the New Beginning 
    For the Hindus, this is the time for purification. It’s also a symbolic victory of good over evil, depicted in the battle between Lord Rama and the demon king King Ravana in Ramayana. Lord Rama returned triumphantly to his kingdom after 14 years in exile.
  2. Did Anyone Mention Sweets?
    Sweets aren’t just for enjoying, it has significance too! The ball shaped sweets known as laddu, is associated with Lord Ganesha who holds the sweet in his trunk. It’s all about ushering in good vibes and prosperity, and if it means more sweets, we are in!
  3. Clean House, Please 
    It’s simple: A bright and clean home space marks the beginning of something new. A fresh start is made possible with a clean house and the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, the bearer of wealth and fortune.
  4. Morning Oil Bath For All
    The Diwali celebrations starts early in the morning with an oil bath. An oil bath is said to be equivalent to a bath in the sacred Ganges river. Children are blessed by the elders, who will apply sesame oil on their heads before the bath.
  5. Go Vegetarian
    Diwali celebrations are a time to stay away from meat, as a way to invite mercy in the heart. It’s all about respecting and preserving life, and we’re all for it, thanks to our great list of vendors who will definitely make you consider going vegetarian for good.

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