Brilliant Stories Feat. Jinu from In-Room Dining


On Tuesday, in room 3201. In-Room Dining Host Jinu had been to deliver a food order order for Mr. K. The guest informed him that the Champagne that he had placed inside the refrigerator last night, had unfortunately had shattered inside freezer. He asked Jinu if someone from the Housekeeping department would be able to come quickly and clean up the spilt beverage in the kitchen.

Now, Jinu was fully aware about that day being part of the week long celebrations for the Housekeeping Appreciation Week. So, Jinu thought to himself that instead of asking one of the housekeeping associates to clean up the spill he took the initiative to go that Extra Mile for his peers and mopped it up himself.

His presence of mind proved to be valuable not only for his Housekeeping colleagues who could enjoy their much deserved Appreciation Week which is an annual ritual; but also for the guest, whose kitchen was cleaned immediately.


Brilliant Stories featuring OMRAJ from Room Service


Mr. H is our new long-stay guest was having a conversation with our host from Room Service, Omraj. During this he informed Omraj that his wife and daughter were going to visit him in Dubai next week. On hearing this, Omraj proactively started suggesting places to visit with kids like Aqua venture, the Ice rink at Dubai Mall and Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates among others that are part of Dubai Summer Surprises 2015.

Surprisingly Mr. H was not aware of all the things that you can do with kids in Dubai as his back to back work schedule kept him very busy and he never had an opportunity to explore such places.

He thanked Omraj for the suggesting those fantastic places that his wife and daughter would really love and he was definitely going to visit as many as they can so as to make the most of what Dubai has to offer.

Brilliant Stories feat. ANIOKE from the Housekeeping Department


Anioke was cleaning one of the rooms on Thursday and coincidentally it was the guest’s birthday and while having conversation with the said guest, they realized that couple of days later was his son’s birthday as well, so Anioke took it upon him and made a personalized Birthday card and a cake together for father and son.

Now, Anioke being a Nigerian himself had the brilliant idea of writing the wishes on the Birthday card in their local language “Igbo”. The guest was moved by this wonderful gesture as it was quite emotional for him and was unable find words to express his immense happiness and was very grateful to Anioke.

The guest said didn’t expect that the hotel staff would go above and beyond their duty to do something like this.

The Birthday wishes in Igbo Language:

Igbo Letter

The English Translation:

Mr. U,

A very good morning to you, we are very happy you are in our midst, this day. We want to seize the opportunity to say a happy birthday to you and your son on this memorable occasion.

We are sure your stay with us will be a remarkable one.

Do not hesitate to let us know of any other thing you may need by dialing ‘0’ from the phone in your room.

Brilliant Stories featuring Rosette from The Observatory Restaurant

Rosette Manalang

Here’s a letter from one of our guests describing their experience during their recent visit to our rooftop restaurant The Observatory

    My partner and I have just returned from Dubai. Although not staying at the Marriott, we visited the Observatory Restaurant for lunch based on price and view of the Palm Jumeirah and Harbour. What we didn’t consider was the excellent food and service we received whilst visiting. We enjoyed our experience so much that we booked for a second visit and again had a very pleasant experience. We were greeted like long lost friends and the service, particularly from Rosette, was beyond excellent. The food again was beautifully presented and delicious. When visiting Dubai again we would not hesitate to book our stay with the Marriott based on our experience with your staff, they really are a credit to you and I would be grateful if you could perhaps pass on our thanks for the two wonderful meals we enjoyed.


Mr. M

Brilliant Stories featuring Hari Kumar from Housekeeping

Brilliant Stories_Hari Kumar

Mr. Thompson is our long staying guest who is staying in one of our rooms. Our Housekeeping Host, Hari Kumar while attending their room on Tuesday noticed that there was a bit of a water leakage from the ceiling due to the hot weather outside forming moisture condensation near the air-conditioning vents.

He immediately placed a call to the Engineering department, informed them about the leakage and that it is a high priority job. Now, while the engineer was fixing the leakage, Mr. Thompson had arrived and noticing the work being done to fix the issue, appreciated Hari Kumar for his presence of mind.

The next day, when he was cleaning the same room again, he noticed that the water leakage had started again. He immediately notified Engineering and then his supervisors regarding the severity on the situation and that it needed a more permanent solution. So, our engineers worked on the problem and fixed it permanently.

Now, the guest, on witnessing the whole situation was very impressed with Hari Kumar’s timely initiative, thanked him and said that this exactly was the reason why they don’t even think of staying in any hotel other than the Marriott Harbour whenever they are in Dubai.