Romantic Situation – Marriott Guest Services App

Romantic Scene

Its a beautiful sunset glimmering over Palm Jumeirah from the deck of one of our ocean-view rooms and you are engaged in a nostalgic repartee with you significant other. Then, you decide to treat her to a romantic dinner as a surprise….

Now, you quietly open the Marriott Guest Services App and magic happens.


Seafood Night at The Observatory

Seafood Night at The Observatory

Have you heard about The Salmon of Knowledge ?

An Irish legend tells of a Salmon that possessed great wisdom and ability. The first person to eat of its flesh would in turn gain this divinatory powers.

Join us at The Observatory tomorrow for the Seafood Night and find out for yourself if the legend still holds true.

Easter celebrations at AZ.U.R

Easter Display

Here’s a glimpse of the chocolate bunnies and eggs elegantly crafted by our Pastry Chef for Easter festivities happening at the hotel.

And in the Evening enjoy an unforgettable Easter buffet dinner in a cozy Mediterranean setting surrounded by your loved ones at AZ.U.R.

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